Burning Headache Causes

“The burning headache eventually settled on top of my head in the middle. I have this peculiar and hard to describe feeling just under my skull. I feel so unwell.”

“I developed a burning headache pain in my sinus area that would not go away. Whenever the pain from my sinus would flare up I would also get a type of burning headache on the top of my head.”

“Two months of having this burning headache and burning sensation on the top of my head, every day. I have been treated with neurontin, and a non narcotic pain killer. I have learned to deal with it, hoping it will eventually go away like the last time.”

“Holy cow I continue to see very similar symptoms described all over the internet, mine are very similar to many other people with “unexplainable” conditions that come on suddenly/are constant over a period of months and months. “

Search the internet and you will find all of the above symptoms and more for burning headache.

So what causes burning headache?

There are many different causes of this condition, and different people have different parts of the head which aches or burns. So many people suffer from this common irritant called burning headache every day. Sometimes it lasts for days or even months. The term “Burning headache” is not a medically recognized term. It isn’t used in medical journals and clinical papers, although it’s pretty much commonly used term.

In most every case, the pain is severe and the burning sensation is relentless. The first signs of pain usually originate from one area of the head, i.e; the side of the head but will spread to any other area of the head. Some people even experience a sudden rush of extreme pain. Regrettably there is no medical confirmation available to explain this sudden rush of pain associated with burning headache.

Head pain does not always originate from where it seems to be coming from.

“My situations started about 5 years ago. I had a really bad sinus infection, I was treated with an anti biotic. Whenever the pain from my sinus condition would flare up I would also get a burning type headache on the top of my head. They always went hand in hand. It lasted for about 5 months or 6 months then went away. But for a while it was chronic”

So a burning pain on top of the head is not uncommon especially in the setting of chronic headache.

In many cases a burning headache can be caused by sinusitis, fever, even flu. In the case of flu, the pain is usually in the front part of the head, on the forehead, upper cheeks, and sometimes can even cover the whole face.

In some cases, this burning headache can be caused by fever. This, pain is usually on both sides of the forehead, which are the weakest points of sensitivity in our head.

Burning headache can also be caused by certain other factors besides what I have spoken of here. There are more serious causes such as tumors or growth in the head. In such cases, the pain is usually not constant like the ones here, but comes on and off. The pain is usually brutal, far stronger than the ones you get from fever, and it may pulsate repeatedly.

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